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The Roots of Muslim Rage

another excellent analysis from Bernard Lewis

Shutter Island's ending explained

Joshua Engel's Answers - Quora

IMHO he’s worth joining Quora for.

An Elephant Crackup? - New York Times

Want to understand elephants?  Read this, they’re just like us.

Who is the most badass physicist ever? Why?


The Easiest Guide to Safe Household Cleaners You Can Make Yourself

New Research Suggests Humans Can Sense Future Events Without Any Known Clues

what we call a 6th sense, that makes us move just before danger arrives

Professor Simon Wessely’s award of the inaugural John Maddox Prize for his courage in the field of ME and Gulf War Syndrome

Professor Malcolm Hooper’s lengthy critique of this ridiculous reward.

(Prof Wessley is a member of the Sense about Science panel that decides on the award that he got…)

Oh dear, he’s just been ‘knighted’ in the 2013 New Year honours list!

The true horrors of pet food revealed

rendered pets in pet food, still going on, but even if not, this highly processed stuff is far from what a wolf or wild cat would get to eat

Gastrointestinal and Intra-abdominal Infections

"It has been estimated that a hamburger purchased at a fast food restaurant in the U.S. contains meat from as many as 1000 cows."

The Human Vermiform Appendix

Demolishes the myth that it’s a vestigial organ.

Learn How Important Water is To Our Health and Longevity

A very lively lecture on why we should love water.

The Miracle of Greens with Sergei Boutenko

Why you should eat your greens, raw, and lots of them, and be very very well.

Healed from Multiple Sclerosis and psoriasis!

watch this lovely bloke talking about how moving to a raw food diet brought him back to full health

Super Electric Human from Kerala

Who can Conduct High Voltage Electricity Through his Body